Dota 2 China Invoker Vurtune 38-7 (Vol.2)

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  • Автор: Dota 2 Stream

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shota jolbordi

any info about him? mmr, dotabuff or smth


38/2? maybe 38/7??

radu alexadre

Chinese invoker....still not better then Grimorum

Даниил Зарипов

Денди отдыхает)

Nevin madhukar

Finally Vurtne getting popular . . i have talked with this guy.
He's pretty cool,has stopped playing invoker lately,mostly playing tinker.
But mostly into wow than dota2. .

Стас Акименко

Бля теперь я захотел такие плeчи :Cc

Николай Носков

Фигасе, какой потный.

Alexey Kovpaev

Поцана тима затащила.

Andrew Dread

Как раз под хавку, пиздато заходить.


Сильный инвокер, не видел уже давно таких в играх, когда в лейт-гейме,
игновкер раскрывается свой полный потенциал и показывает чистый скилл.

Илья Куракович

что то не тру пацаны , в  3 загангать не могли , это же пиздец , потом под
санстрайки лезут , пудж вообще рак охуеть какой .Прям пахнет 3500 mmr

Aiman The Man

Fucking sick

Егор Крылов

Kunkka with armletO_O

Gun Suthaphoj

Well player fucking awesome;)))

Александр Лаврентьев

Ну что тут такого?Ребята, которые играют за инвокера и у которых 800+ игр,
знают что тут хуйня и ничего особенного нет.

Eduardo Ramirez

0:43 no sunstrike, still noobie invoker just know 1 combo of 2 spells


very nice invoker !!

Цирилла Рианнон

Ох уж эти уско-глазые ублюдки XD

Khoa Dao Minh

Roaming support pudge?

lo mo

the moral of this vid: Invoker is the best carrier.

Dimon Digimon

боже,какие умственно отсталые против него играют....Гримориум на голову
выше этого инвокера

Deny Demise

Honestly, this guy is better than Grim, no offences though, because I'm
Grim huge fan too, just the way this guy playing is far more challenging
and competitive.. that's it and people said that this invoker casted some
spells with cd noob? ROFL... you dont know what's the situation during that
time.... Casting spells that still cd,have 2 possibilities, the game goes
too fast, spells have run out so they cast some useful spells that should
be ready soon....Or Spells that should be ready to use now and maybe still
lagging 5-8 secs around to ready.... Only you play that kind of level game,
you will know what I'm saying here... No one would be able to recast a
fucking spell that straight after the cd, we are human dudes, not an


at 4:12 he is using 5 wex orbs?


i'm the best invoker accualy

Tran Tuan

nice invo, there are some russians blame here lol :))

Pengfei Nie

maybe this invo is not top skilled

Aqwaw Powa

what`s the name of the song that hear at the end of video??

Nik Ko

Dude grim is from China.


I like Grimorum but hey... you gotta face the fact that many player are
better player than him, such as 430, dendi, iceiceice etc...

Jeff Guades

Да григорум просто распиарили в хлам ну и вот все.Видел много видео
григорума где он играет в пабе.Выглядит это уныло.

иван иванов

макросы сразу видно

Khalifah Dasopang

HOLD A SEC!. is this "that" vurtne?. "the legendary elemental fighter"
mage? warbarbie? really? can anybody confirm?

Mike Hoffy

Vurtune is by far hands down my most favorite invoker player because he
always utilizes aghs scepter and dishes out the most combos as possible in
team fights, he also combos with fucking perfection.

nathaniel thomaz

the best ice walls i've ever seen.

Borislav Alexandrov

Impressive skills and so much kills i've never seen someone to make 38
kills with invoker ;)


my fav refresher combo

Komuro Takashi

Thanks to him, grim, dreamy, iceiceice, ferrari. Ive learned alot on
playing invo... ^^ btw grim is chinese? First time heari that..

Alexis Mendoza Flores


ishak pratama

haha wonder why a lot of chinese players mostly play exort or qe invoker,.
grimorum, vurtune, ice ice ice,
while white players mostly play wex build
dendi for example,..

Jemt tinhwa

why... why he never join TI5?

Burak Sensoy

How to do that 6 exort?

Стас Кораблёв

1st songname please

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